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For many years the Remnants of the past had encroached on our lands, slowly driving us back as their corruption spread. Their strength was overwhelming, even the greatest powers of the realm were helpless to stop them, even as such many of us still died trying.

As a mysterious Old Woman arrived I realized that she had seemed so different. Somehow, somewhere inside her grew new life, and she couldn't stand to imagine her child being twisted into the monsters which would attack us. We worked quickly, gathering pieces of the fallen machines to house her child’s life, and in the end were successful. She gave birth. Though her child was broken, weak, and helpless; he was alive. and therein is where our story begins.

Welcome to Bloom: Labyrinth, the combination of classic game design elements into a gorgeous unique adventure role playing game. Bloom: Labyrinth is in development by Studio Fawn, which you can help to get access by supporting their Kickstarter. The game is expected to be released in early 2019 for PC, Mac, and Linux.

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